Candy FAQ
Is it really soft?
Despite the name, we're often asked "is your brittle actually soft?". YES. It's light and flaky, and melts in your mouth. It is 100% guaranteed not to break your teeth!! And as you eat a bag of it, the crumbs will make the most amazing topping over ice cream, yogurt, pancakes, and more!
Who invented soft peanut brittle?
We've noticed some confectioners (who have been around the industry for many years) make indirect claims to have been the ones to first make soft peanut brittle. Certainly, we're newer to the industry so we don't claim to have come up with it (even though we believe with our process that ours is superior in both taste and texture). We've had customers tell us stories about their "grandmother in Thailand" making soft peanut brittle, and several people have told us about their grandparents in the deep south making soft brittle. So the answer is that no one really knows where it originated. We just believe ours is the best. And we think you'll agree!

But to the question of who invented chocolate hazelnut soft brittle, apple brandy toffee, caramel macchiato bark, cinnamon whisky toffee, and triple chocolate hazelnut espresso bark? WE DID.Many long hours and painstaking trial-and-error with ingredients and cooking chemical reactions and processes...but these fantastic delicacies are Robinson Soft Brittle original recipes!
What is English Toffee?
English Toffee dates back to the early 1800's. It consists of brown sugar and butter (occasionally with added rum) in a caramelized form.

American Toffee is made with granulated white sugar (Almond Roca, Heath Candy Bar, and the majority of toffee you will find in the USA). This toffee, rolled in chocolate and nuts is actually called "butter crunch" American invention by English immigrant William Loft made in New York City in 1860.

Interesting tidbit: Loft's company became the world's largest maker and seller of candy by the 1920's, even owning the Pepsi-Cola Corporation at one point before several decades of decline resulted in their final demise in the 1990's.

Traditional English Toffee (as we use in the base layer of our toffee creations) does not usually have nuts mixed in, as part of the delight of a true English butter toffee is the smoothness of the texture. It should neither be hard to bite into, nor should it ever be grainy. It may be softer and chewy (as you'll find with several British imported brands) or have a lightly crunchy texture (like ours) that melts in your mouth. It will often be topped with chocolate or nuts.

With our family's lineage dating back to a knight who rode in battle with William the Conqueror in 1066, we wanted to remain true to the traditional form of this delightful delicacy.
What portions should I plan?
We are often asked about how much to buy to take to a party or family gathering. We can generally base it off some feedback we've received, and our own observations. So here goes:
  • A family gathering where a meal is served- About a pound of brittle per 4-5 people if you want a bit left over. 6-8 people per pound if you want it to disappear (but get more if there are ANY teenagers in the group).
  • A social gathering where plenty of other food and treats will be served (potluck, family bbq, etc)- Two pounds broken into 1/2-ounce pieces on a serving tray (64 pieces total) works great for 25-30 people. Again, the more kids and teens are present, the faster the candy goes.
  • A game night with your friends where this is the primary treat and everyone is sugar-crazy...(especially if it's a long night of games)- Be safe and bring a pound for every 2-3 people. Your friends will thank you for it.
What allergens are in your candy?
Everything we produce is in a facility that makes peanut candy. However, we are fastidious about cleaning utensils and surfaces, and nothing else is produced on peanut brittle cooking days. We also have staff with life-threatening tree nut allergies, so we are also very careful about walnuts, hazelnut oil, and other allergens.

Here's a list of our candy and potential "major" allergens. They're also listed on each product page:
  • Soft Peanut Brittle
    • Peanuts
  • Chocolate Hazelnut Soft Brittle
    • Dairy
    • Hazelnut Oil
    • Soy (soy lecithin)
    • Hazelnuts
  • Apple Brandy Toffee
    • Dairy
    • Soy (soy lecithin)
    • Walnuts
  • Cinnamon Whisky Toffee
    • Dairy
    • Soy (soy lecithin)
  • S'Mores Bark
    • Dairy
    • Soy (soy lecithin)
    • Gluten
  • Salted Caramel Bark
    • Dairy
    • Soy (soy lecithin)
  • Peppermint Bark
    • Dairy
    • Soy (soy lecithin)
  • Hazelnut Espresso Bark
    • Dairy
    • Hazelnut Oil
    • Soy (soy lecithin)
  • Caramel Macchiato Bark
    • Dairy
    • Soy (soy lecithin)
  • Mexican Hot Chocolate Bark
    • Dairy
    • Soy (soy lecithin)
How do I store soft brittle, bark, or toffee?
Soft peanut brittle is extremely shelf-stable (think peanuts and peanut butter).

It is also heat-stable (a bag of it sitting in our black SUV during a 95 degree summer day didn't melt...but it DID make our car smell absolutely delicious!). In all seriousness...sitting in a hot car WILL make it get a bit softer, and as it gets softer it will become more "candy bar" chewy than "light and flaky"...but the taste quality will not change one bit.

In fact, soft peanut soft brittle is considered non-perishable (shelf life > 6 months) and can be shipped internationally (we provide an affidavit to this effect for customs on international shipments). We have shipped so far to Canada and the EU, and with the customs declaration we provide it just sails through customs without delay!

Store our soft brittle in a closed bag (sealed as tightly as possible) in a dry place. For extended storage use a sealed/zip-loc bag for best freshness. Avoid high-humidity storage conditions (no refrigeration or sitting out in front of a room AC) as flaky sugar candy will become more dense (and becomes chewy) as it absorbs moisture from the air.

Chocolate-Hazelnut soft brittle, because it has chocolate and dairy, should be consumed within approx. 4-6 months of purchase. And left in a hot car it CAN become softer and more gooey.

Chocolate bark and toffee...well, if left in a hot car is going to turn into a puddle of delicious goo in short order. However, chocolate bark had a reasonable shelf life, and should be consumed within 12 months of purchase (best stored cold). Toffee should be consumed within about 4 months.
What do the different candy gift boxes weight?
The individual portions of our candy bags weight ¼lb each. So the candy gift boxes weight ½lb (PICK2), 1lb (PICK4), and 2lbs (PICK8), respectively.
Cookie FAQ
How big are your artisan cookies?
Our artisan cookies average 2.8oz each (80g) and are 4"-4.5" in diameter.
Shipping FAQ
How are your gift packages shipped?
  • Cooler Months:
    PICK 2 packages are shipped USPS First Class. PICK 4 and PICK 8 packages are shipped USPS Priority.
  • Warmer Months:
    All packages are shipped 2-day and cold packed.
How long does shipping take?
We usually ship within 3-4 business days of an gift being claimed, and mailing lead time averages 2 days (priority) to 4 days (first class). Typically it takes 1-2 weeks total after claiming. An email will go out when we have processed your address, and another when your delicious selections have left our warehouse in Hayden, ID.
Where do I get an update for my order?
You can enter your order number and email address in the Order Status page to get a status update on your order. It will also let you know which gifts have been claimed and shipped.
Gift Purchase & Notification FAQ
What methods are available for payment when I purchase a Brittle Gift?
Our website accepts payment by all four major credit cards. For corporate accounts and bulk code purchases, we are also happy to accept ACH transfers to our merchant bank account, bill your card on file, or send a Square invoice.
To what countries can I send a Brittle Gift?
The Brittle Gift website is currently set up for the United States and Canada as these shipping rates are stable and consistent. If you wish to purchase a PICK-2, PICK-4, or PICK-8 gift box to ship outside North America, you can visit and use our integrated shipping rates to see shipping costs to all other countries (on that website you would be pre-selecting the gift box contents).
How is a Brittle Gift sent?
It depends on the method you select. And as you can see, you don't need someone's email address as long as you have their cell phone number or want to print and give someone a PDF certificate!
  • Email: The eGift email will be immediately sent to the email address you entered for the gift recipient. The email will include their name, the occasion card you selected, your name (and optional company name), your gift message (if any was entered), and explain what a Brittle Gift" is and explain what you purchased for them and how to claim the gift. The email will have a link to bring them straight to our website to claim their gift, and will also display the gift code in case they want to visit our website directly to claim their gift (for security purposes, some people never click any emailed link due the abundance of online scammers).
  • SMS or Social Media Link: You will receive a link that you can include in a text or social media message to your recipient. This link will take them directly into our website to claim their gift.
  • PDF: Our system will generate a nice printable PDF file you can print and give in person or email directly to someone as an email attachment from your own email address. This PDF file provides two ways to claim the gift box: 1) Visiting our website and entering the provided code, or 2) Scanning the QR code on a smart phone to immediately be taking to our website to start designing their gift.
  • Bulk Codes: If you've purchased a large number of gift codes, then you will distribute those to gift recipients at-will. All you need to do is let people know to visit our website with their code to claim their gift, and we handle the rest!
What happens if I enter an incorrect email address?
Just contact us right away with your order number and we'll get it sent correctly for you!
Can I send Brittle Gifts to a large number of people at once?
Absolutely! If you create a free corporate account, you will have the ability to upload an Excel file, or a flat file (comma separated values, etc) with this information. You can even email us a file with names and emails and desired gift size/cost and we can bill your card and upload your list for you. We make it easy!
How do I check the claim and delivery status of a Brittle Gift I purchased?
ou need to either have your order number and your email address, or just the gift code. Visit our website's STATUS page here: If you have set up an account with us, all your Brittle Gifts are stored in your customer profile for ease of viewing. You will see the status change in real-time as codes are claimed, shipped, and delivered.
Can I cancel a Brittle Gift once I've sent it?
You can cancel any unclaimed code and have it returned to your account as a future credit. The credit never expires and will always be applied to any new Brittle Gift before your payment method is billed for any new gift(s) sent.
Claiming a Brittle Gift
I was given a gift code to your site. What do I do next?
Start at our "Claim my Gift" page here: You'll see which size (2, 4, or 8 items) gift box you were sent. You custom-design the contents of your own gift box, enter your contact and shipping info, and we handle the rest! Shipping was already covered by the sender. In 3-4 business days your gift will be on its way and you'll receive tracking data via email.
How long is my gift code valid?
Gift codes are valid for 90 days from the delivery date (this will display in the email notification or on a printable PDF you were given). If you were emailed your Brittle Gift notification, you will also receive an email from our us 10 days prior to the expiration of the code to remind you to claim your gift before it expires.
What if I lose my gift code?
If you received a gift code only or a printed PDF certificate, it's like cash and we have no way to link an unknown gift recipient to any one gift sender who may send out a large number of codes. If you received an email notification from our system, this means the gift sender entered your email when ordering, thus we have the ability to look you up in our database and get your code number.
Privacy FAQ
Please see our Privacy Page for full details on our privacy policy.
I received a Brittle Gift notification, but I worry about giving out my personal information. Does the person who sent me this gift ever see my personal information?
They only see the information they actually entered, if the gift was claimed, and that it was delivered. Your personal information is kept strictly secure.
For what purposes do you use my information?
We hate spam emails as much as anyone. We only use your email to contact you directly about your order, with a maximum of one additional email to follow up. You may also receive additional emails when gifts are claimed or people send thank you notes. We don't by default add you to any mailing list, and we never share your personal information with any third party. Again, WE hate websites that do it, so we wouldn't do it ourselves.
Corporate Branding FAQ
How can we arrange to have our company's branding on the Brittle Gift packaging?
Our custom-branding includes your logo decal on the top of the gift box, and the box is tied with 3/8" satin ribbon in your corporate colors (or as close as we can come to it from stock suppliers). You may choose to also send us your custom-printed 3/8" ribbon. Available with orders of 50+ codes. $150 setup fee applies.

NOTE: If you need us to source the decals and custom-printed ribbon, that is available at additional cost.


All prices displayed on this website (and in any other contact with us, our affiliates, retailers, or others in any way representing us) are in U.S. Dollars. Brittle Gifts may be redeemed solely at this website, and only during the time the gift code is valid. Expired codes have no monetary value to the holder as these funds have been transferred back to the account of the person who purchased the original gift code. Gift codes have no cash value and may not be redeemed for cash or applied as payment toward any other purchase from us.