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Chocolate Hazelnut Soft BrittleTM

Do you love Nutella®? One of those people who puts it on everything....or sits with the jar and eats it straight? (we're not judging...we understand...).


***Delicious Chocolate Hazelnut Brittle (smooth style)***

With our secret original recipe developed over many painstaking hours of R&D, trying to "science our way through" the cooking chemistry, and countless failed attempts to make these ingredients work in a soft brittle...we finally did it! Our smooth style brittle (no nut pieces) in a chocolate-hazelnut flavor. The dominant flavor note is a chocolate...but there's that hint of hazelnut which smooths the chocolate flavor. So you need not even be a hazelnut fanatic to love our new flavor!

Our soft brittle is cooked using a carefully-crafted hand-made process.

Allergy Information

Tree Nuts, Dairy, Soy (soy lecithin), Chocolate
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