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Mexican Hot Chocolate Bark

If you're a fan of Mexican Hot Chocolate, you're going to love our new original recipe creation!

Our new Mexican Hot Chocolate Bark, a delicious blend of milk chocolate, hot cocoa, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, and a swirl of white chocolate...all topped with marshmallow bits. We found the perfect flavor balance...it's sweet, but not too sweet...it's hot, but not too hot. Sure to be a hit! We didn't invent the concept of Mexican Hot Chocolate bark...we see some out there with weird stuff in them. So we took the flavor we wanted to go after and came up with our OWN original recipe, and it's just amazing!

Flavor Notes

Rich warm chocolate start with a delightful heat on the finish reminescient of a mug of cocoa on a crisp winter day.

Allergy Information

Dairy, Soy (soy lecithin)
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