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Nutty Irishman ToffeeTM

Another Robinson Soft Brittle original recipe creation...Nutty Irishman Toffee™!

We make our toffee deliciously light...it melts in your mouth!

This delightful confection is our take on the popular layered bar drink. Baileys Irish Cream®, Frangelico®, and Amaretto® in an oh-so-smooth English Toffee layer, covered in smooth white chocolate and topped with crushed almonds. You taste the Baileys and brown sugar toffee from the first bite! This is joined by the perfect pairing of creamy white chocolate and nutty flavor notes for a serious taste sensation at the core of any good Nutty Irishman drink.

"English Toffee" vs "American Toffee"

English Toffee dates back to the early 1800's. It consists of brown sugar and butter (occasionally with added rum) in a caramelized form.

American Toffee is made with granulated white sugar (Almond Roca, Heath Candy Bar, and the majority of toffee you will find in the USA). This toffee, rolled in chocolate and nuts is actually called "butter crunch"...an American invention by English immigrant William Loft made in New York City in 1860. So in reality, most of the "English Toffee" you get here in the USA is actually butter crunch, or "American Toffee".

Traditional English Toffee (as we use in the base layer of our toffee creations) does not usually have nuts mixed in, as part of the delight of a true English butter toffee is the smoothness of the texture. It should neither be hard to bite into, nor should it ever be grainy. It may be softer and chewy (as you'll find with several British imported brands) or have a lightly crunchy texture (like ours) that melts in your mouth. It will often be topped with chocolate or nuts.

Allergy Information

Tree Nuts, Dairy, Soy (soy lecithin)
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